Deep drawn rectangular cases, or prismatic enclosures, with little to no tooling charges. Covers & headers. Standard products are plain, less finish & come in Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Cold Rolled Steel, Cupro Nickel, HY-MU 80 (Other Shielding Alloys Available), Nickel Silver & Stainless Steel. Hudson Standard Tolerances apply. Other materials, modifications & finishes available.
If you don't find an exact match in the catalog, contact us. Many additional lengths & diameters, including relay cases, available with little to no tooling. Send us your drawing, we specialize in custom cans, cases, covers & headers built to your specifications & requirements. Expertise in drawing titanium. Design assistance for manufacturability & reliability.
Unit of Measure



N/A Active


Size - A

N/A 1.062 in26.97 mm

Size - B

N/A 1.391 in35.33 mm

Length C

N/A 0.734 in18.64 mm


N/A Aluminum Brass Cold Rolled Steel Copper Cupro Nickel HY-MU 80 (Other Shielding Alloys Available) Nickel Silver Other Stainless Steel

Inside Side Radius - D

N/A 0.062 in1.57 mm

Bottom Radius - E

N/A 0.062 in1.57 mm

Stock Thickness - F

N/A 0.019 in0.48 mm


N/A Other lengths are available with little or no tooling charges. Enter desired length in RFQ.

Tolerances Note

N/A Please see our Standards & Tolerances page for detailed tolerances.