• Figure-1-MIL---T---27

    Military cases and covers are indicated by MIL-T-27 specifications, sizes AF through OA. This category also lists standard potting holes, cover stops, vent holes & stud modifications. NOTE 1: See square, rectangular, MIL-T-27 & cover sections for can & cover sizes. NOTE 2: Sealing discs for potting holes must be specified if required. NOTE 3: CRS single end weld screws will be supplied unless otherwise specified. NOTE 4: a. Cover Stops: Cover to be flush or under top surface of can. Hudson to locate cover stops to suit unless otherwise specified. b. For cans AF to AH (Fig 1) Style 4A cover stop is put on each of (4) sides. c. For cans AJ to OA (Fig 2) Style 3A cover stops are put on each long side as shown.